Sketch 更新了 (3.0.2)

Mac App Store 版本现在就可以更新了,修复了一大堆 Bug
What's New in Version 3.0.2
- Various performance improvements
- Fixes crashes related to undo
- Fixes crashes and redrawing issues related to text editing
- Fixes a bug where duplicated artboards would have the wrong size
- Updates Web Design template
- Fixes a bug where selecting another layer in edit mode would select too many layers
- Fixes a bug where right-click would no longer directly select a layer
- Fixes a bug in exporting where using slashes could cause the exported file to not have an extension
- Fixes a bug where multiple gradient fills would influence each other's opacity
- Fixes a bug where editing text in the Star's radius field would not work
- Fixes a bug where the scroll track would appears over colour presets
- Fixes Image pasting into wrong artboard
- Fixes a bug where the Missing Fonts dialog failed to show for new documents
- Hidden layer/slice states are no longer remembered between documents
- Fixes a bug where objects would snap to the grid but be 1px off still
- Increases the 'strength' of Grid and Alignment guides snapping
- Changes the scripting backend from JSTalk to CocoaScript
- Locked layers now stay in place when aligning them
- Dragging the slice preview out to the desktop now exports it in the proper format
- Setting value of a text field within a symbol to none (even though its value is “excluded”) will no longer remove the text layer
- Fixes a rare bug where typing could be incredibly slow for some people
- Resizing shapes no longer fits their subpaths to pixel edges to prevent a common problem when resizing at really small sizes
- Fixes a bug where flattening a group to Bitmap removes it from parent group
- Objects now always snap to the grid when the grid is visible, instead of listening to the general 'smart guides' preference
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Updates Web Design template 不知道增加了哪些尺寸
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